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May I Suggest “Lefty”

Gaige Grosskreutz, the man who was shot in the arm by Kyle Rittenhouse after trying to shoot Kyle with a handgun, has filed a petition for a name change.

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Same Idea

I posted the other day that the US no longer has any common beliefs. It seems that Jack Posobiec had the same thought.


Navy Scapegoating

This morning’s military article comes to us with news that the sailor who had been accused of burning down a baby carrier has been cleared of any wrongdoing. The article actually points out two problems that have plagued the Navy for decades.

The first is that the US Navy has a long history of finding scapegoats upon whom to place blame for institutional failures. In this case, you have a ship that is poorly maintained and cluttered with junk. A sailor warns his division officer that the place is a fire hazard and is ignored. A fire is started by some unknown source. Sailors can’t put it out because they and their officers have no idea how to perform even basic damage control. Instead of blaming the command for poor training, maintenance, and housekeeping, blame the sailor who tried to warn you. The Navy saves face, and who cares about those stupid enlisted men? They are there to be destroyed for the sake of officer careers.

That is reminiscent of the Iowa explosion. In the case of the Iowa battleships, there was a flaw in the firing system. The silk making up the 50 pound bags that the gunpowder comes in were famous for leaving embers behind in the chamber of the 16 inch guns. Ramming them into the breech too quickly while those embers were still there was a recipe for explosions. They had been known to cause mishaps in those guns for decades.

However, those cannons were a huge PR point for the Navy, providing tons of photo ops and bragging rights for recruiting commercials. So when the Iowa had an explosion, instead of blaming a faulty process in a 50 year old weapons system and hurting their recruiting tool, they blamed a sailor who they alleged was a jilted gay lover.

That brings us to the second issue exposed by the above article. The Navy has had recruiting issues for decades. The smarter and nerdier recruits all want to go to the Air Force, which is seen as more technical and cerebral. A lot of the muscle-head jocks want to prove their masculinity and join the Marines. Many other kids want to be able to play with machine guns and blow shit up, so join the Army. What does the Navy have? The Navy has historically solved that problem by trying to project this image that everyone in the Navy is a fighter pilot, a SEAL, a computer technician, or an officer. You will note that no one in Navy movies except Steven Seagal is ever a cook, and even then, Seagal was a Navy SEAL cook. Assigned to a battleship. Not everyone can have those awesome jobs. In fact, most Navy jobs are tedious jobs more akin to janitorial work than to anything cool or technical. There are more people cleaning toilets and doing officers’ laundry than there are SEALS in the Navy. (There are as many Admirals as there are ships– someone has to be their orderlies.)

So the Navy convinces everyone that they can be a SEAL, or a Rescue Swimmer, or a nuclear power plant operator. The recruiters make the pitch and convince you that your job is going to be AWESOME, and will come with all sorts of promotions and large cash bonuses. What they don’t tell you, or at least gloss over, is that the washout rates are on the order of 80 percent or more for some programs. Sometimes they wash you out for nebulous reasons, like “possesses traits undesirable in this career field” because the kid got caught with a beer while under 21 years old. Starry eyed high school kids join the military to be SEALS, washout before training even starts, and find themselves cleaning toilets and chipping paint with a hammer for the next four years.

The Navy knows that those jobs suck, but they have you under contract for the next four years, so they don’t care if the sailor is happy or not. As evidenced by the statement from the Navy prosecutor:

Prosecutors said Mays was angry and vengeful about failing to become a Navy SEAL and being assigned to deck duty, prompting him to ignite cardboard boxes on July 12, 2020…Mays thought he would be jumping out of helicopters on missions with the SEALs, but instead he was chipping paint on the deck of a ship, and he hated the Navy for that, Jones said.

This is a common story. The reality of the Navy is far different from the image it portrays in the movies. The Captain of the ship doesn’t listen to some E-4 Petty Officer with grudging respect for the knowledge he possesses. The Captain is more likely to be a career ticket puncher who is desperately trying to become one of the Navy’s 265 Admirals, and will destroy that E4’s life to do so. I can’t speak for the other branches, but that is life on the big, gray boat.

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In Accordance with the Prophecy

Just yesterday, I was pointing out that Ukraine was applying for NATO membership, and predicted that the demented old coot in the Whitehouse was going to push us into a war with Russia. Seems that is EXACTLY what he is doing.

Putin is practically begging the west to cut it out and telling them that he WILL resort to nukes, and the west keeps saying “he’s bluffing, poke him harder” as if they WANT to destroy the entire world.

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Asked and Answered

I have been asking for months why the left is so willing to pick a civil war here in the US, and why they want a war with Russia. Now I know:

Divemedic: whatever happens in Ukraine isn’t worth two American lives, much less enough to start a war over.

Internet Rando: What a lovely approach to humanity. I sincerely hope China invades the US some day in the future and nobody comes to help. Fuck all American lives. Right?

(I am including his profile picture, so you know what kind of granola crunching soyboy pussy who is talking shit.)

DM: So why aren’t you already in Ukraine? They need volunteers. Or do you only want to send other people to defend humanity?

Rando: As for why I’m not in Ukraine, personally? I’m fucking riddled with arthritis unfortunately and would be quite the hindrance. Or you know what? I’d gladly have considered it. Fighting fascism is a duty all democratic citizens should have to answer. Unless you’re a coward.

DM: Not my fight. Lol. It’s easy to advocate for war when you know it won’t be you fighting it. and just so you know, I am a veteran. I don’t give 2 shits about Ukraine. Pussy.

This is why the left is pushing for so many wars. They despise the military and know that it won’t be them fighting.

Also, now you see why I keep getting kicked off of social media.


Back to Shortages

For the past two weeks, I have been telling you about shortages where I work because they stopped paying bonuses. That didn’t matter during the hurricane, because the hurricane plan divides the entire hospital staff into 2 teams. One team was required to arrive at the hospital on Wednesday, and would remain until the storm was over. Then team two would arrive and staff the hospital until the emergency is over.

Team two is leaving this evening at 1900. Guess what? They are already sending out texts, begging for more staff, because there are staff shortages.


Ominous Signs

An Israeli intelligence firm has detected what they call an “irregular presence” of Russian TU-160 & TU-95 nuclear capable heavy bombers deployed to Olenya Airbase. The base, on the Kola Peninsula, houses a significant number of military hardware, including tactical & strategic nuclear weapons.

According to satellite images taken by the firm, four TU-160s were detected on August 21rst and three TU-95s were detected on September 25th. There were no strategic bombers present at the airbase on August 12th.

The bombers are normally based in eastern Europe at Engels air base, which is home to base for the 121rst Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment (121 TBAP) that flies the TU-160s and TU-95.

Moving heavy bombers that have been, up until this point, heavily used in the Ukraine war to a location further away from the action to a base known as a storage point for strategic nuclear weapons is certainly an ominous sign.

Meanwhile, Russia has put a new boomer and a cruise missile submarine into the Pacific, and a task group of combined Chinese and Russian ships were spotted off the coast of Alaska.

Meanwhile, idiots on social media are all bluster. The winning comment?

I’m fairly certain that if any Russian plane takes off with nukes, it will be blown to bits before it hits the end of the runway.

Since when are the left the warmongering idiots? Scary times, indeed.

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Look Closely

As these 8th grade students show off their Glocks at their school graduation, look closely at the rear of the slides. They all have autosears. Gun control works.

Let’s recap the law failures:

  • 8th graders can’t legally own guns
  • 8th graders can’t legally carry guns
  • No one can legally have a gun at school
  • No one can legally have guns without a permit
  • No one can own Glocks with autosears
  • I am sure that none of these guns is stolen

but more laws will fix the problem.

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Internet Issues

There is a lot of research I would like to do, but I am having internet issues. The hurricane appears to be causing all sorts of connection issues and has been for days. My connection for Internet and cable television is best described as intermittent. It works for about ten minutes at a time, then goes down for a while, then back up. So posting quality may suffer a bit.