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California average gas prices just broke $6 a gallon. The national average is currently 25% less than that at $4.59 a gallon, but many experts are calling for gas prices to reach $6 a gallon within the next 60 days. So they are calling for a 25% increase in 2 months, meaning that fuel prices are now doubling every 8 months. Since everything you buy has to be transported from one place to the other, this will continue to contribute to inflation.

In fact, gas stations in Washington state are already preparing for $10 a gallon gasoline prices. We are on the cusp of seeing hyperinflation and a collapse of the US economy.


Only Ones

Cops are the only ones who can kill a police dog and not be charged with some bullshit charge involving attacking a cop. Above the law.

Arts and Crafts Training

Moar Training Manuals

Look at the “training manuals” link at the top of the page. I have added four manuals on making homemade firearms to that page. All of the manuals are in alphabetical order. The new ones all begin with “homemade.”

Since it is easier to make fully automatic firearms than semi, three of them are for submachine guns, and one is a break open. They can all be made with common parts found at a hardware store using inexpensive hand tools.

As a disclaimer, please note that they are being provided for educational purposes only. If you make any of the firearms there, remember to follow the law in making these evil “ghost guns” and you do so at your own risk.


Shortages Coming

The farmers are trying to warn us that food shortages are coming. What have you done to prepare?

Arts and Crafts

Opsec- Updated to Fix Links

Once they make it illegal to have guns, make your own. While you are at it, remember that after the first felony, the rest are free, so you might as well give it a giggle switch.

But then keep your mouth shut about it. Telling the story to impress a girl at a party is what got an 18 year old and his grandfather busted.


There is another story, with more details to be found here.


Keep Your Body Out of My Wallet

Women keep screaming about how men should have no say in whether or not women get an abortion. They say “my body, my choice.” Let’s put aside the whole “I want to murder another human being because letting it live is inconvenient” argument for a moment.

Let’s just suppose for a moment that a developing fetus is not a living organism. The women claim that denying them access to abortions is akin to slavery by forcing them to provide sustenance to a developing child against their will.

Ok. Let’s take that to it’s logical conclusion.

No more welfare, food stamps, or other forms of public assistance. That includes Medicaid. Forcing me to support your freeloading ass while you fuck, party, drink, and get high is slavery. Find a way to earn your own living. Beg on the corner. Get an OnlyFans page. Suck dicks for money. I don’t care. Just don’t expect me to pay for your lazy ass.

How is that? Fair trade?


Only in Florida

Kids prevented from going to school by an alligator blocking the front doors.


Car Hacked

Hackers are breaking into EV charging stations. Just wait until they load some ransomware onto your car, and require you to pay $2,500 to unlock it.


Canadian Carjacking

Someone in Canada robbed at gunpoint? Impossible. Canada has all of those gun laws.



Take a look at this article: The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s a Mainstream Republican. The “othering” continues. The road looks like this:

The left began with “Anyone who says things that I disagree with is a racist,” which has turned into “Anyone who says things that I disagree with needs to be prevented from speaking.” A quote from the article:

He may have, as he claims, become radicalized by over-enthused browsing of the Internet’s sewers, principally 4chan. But his fixations mirror those of the right wing more broadly, from violent transphobia to a loathing of immigration to a preoccupation with the possibility of civil war.

Enter the new Disinformation Governance Board. Expect there to be a wholesale attack on things like 4chan. Note that the line is now: “Anyone who says something that I disagree with is a mass murderer.”

How long before it turns into “Anyone who says something that I disagree with needs to be eliminated?”